Isolated in the Indian Ocean / by Hannah Prewitt

Over the last three years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the majority of my time in the Maldives. On it’s day it is postcard perfect. Pure white sand and water so clear it doesn’t look real. Here is a collection of my favourite photos taken over the years capturing surreal sunsets, the darkest storms and crystal clear oceans.

The turquoise ocean provides amazing contrast to the cloudy skies.

Storms appear as if from nowhere and glide across the ocean's surface.

A perfect sunset sky reflects off the surface of the ocean.

Sunset provides the perfect backdrop for palm trees.

A stingray chills in the shallows.

Not sure which is more beautiful, over or under.

Dark skies only accentuate the turquoise seas.

There are so many more palm trees in the southern atolls.

The aptly named One Palm Island.

The best way to end the day.